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Regenerate our planet, communities and bodies, one product at a time.

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It's simple....

Together WE CAN heal people and our planet by taking COLLECTIVE ACTION. 

Let's make changes together and track our progress. 

Let's make content together and teach our communities about regeneration.

Let's inspire the world to create new lifestyle habits together.


End Period Poverty 

WE CAN! was started as a way to support Could You?, an amazing NGO dedicated to getting menstrual cups to girls around the world who want one, so they can stay in school and not worry about where the next tampon or pad comes from.

Why Us?

There are many cups options on the market today, so why chose us?

Well, we have a wait list of 150,000 girls and growing who want a cup. We'll donate a cup directly to one of these girls when you purchase a cup from us.

Many people say our cup is most comfortable as well, and our cute carrying bags are hand made by women recovering from sex trafficking, now empowered with a sustainable income. 

Create change together

WE CAN! is a Gen Z media company that shares inspirational, motivational and educational content created by Gen Z leaders, for Gen Z leaders.

We spread stories and awareness about regenerative consumer products and lifestyle habits that impact our environment and our people in it.

We track our collective progress and prove to the world how powerful we are when we take action together!

Explore the Collection

We've curated products that keep you and our planet safe.

And, every purchase helps us donate more cups!